The Power of Play


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A playground for love in a Lytton First Nation Community!​

The Power of Play partnered with the Lytton First Nation in 2020 to fulfill the vision of building a playground to facilitate and provide space to play for the children in Westside, Lytton, and surrounding communities. Due to the global COVID 19 pandemic in 2020, followed by a devastating wildfire in 2021, the discovery of unmarked graves at residential schools, plus landslides and floods in rapid succession, the project planning and fundraising were postponed until all parties were able to reconvene. Now, the playground will be built in the fall of 2022.

Past Projects

Telangana, Hyderabad, India

Date, Location: 2017/02/08 (17.535042, 78.394695)


Name: Tractor

For who and how many children: Built in a low-income school for students and kids in the area. 500 kids

Partners: Playground Ideas + Anthill Creation

Estimated Cost to Construct: $7220

Playground Description: 10 elements for ages 4 to 14

Built out by a team including: 2 rep from PI, 5 hired staff, 1 volunteer.

Determining Factors in Selection Process (Why it was selected): Built in a low-income school where there was no playground in the area. Providing learning through free play along with academic learning. Also to motivate the children to attend school.

Materials Used: Used tires, metal, lumber, concrete, fasteners, paint

Summary: In collaboration with Playground Ideas and Anthill Creations, TPOP built a playground at a low-income school in Telangana, India for 500 students and kids in the area. It is composed of 10 play elements designed for children ages 4-14. It was built to provide the students and local children a safe space to play and as a way to motivate them to attend school.

More project descriptions coming soon!