The Power of Play

Playground Magic: Turning Volunteer Dreams into Reality

It was a summer evening in 2019, and I’m just chilling at a friend’s party. Then bam, I bump into Reza, the founder of The Power of Play. Next thing you know, I’m knee-deep in the world of TPOP as a digital marketer. But, it didn’t stop there. I got so hooked on their mission for kids, that I took a giant leap and became the treasurer on the board. I was rocking the Treasurer hat for two years, handling all sorts of stuff.

Now, the real kicker? In 2023, I helped disassemble a playground in Kitsilano and hauled it to the First Nation of Lytton. Talk about an adventure! We put that playground back together, and it was like magic. Unforgettable doesn’t even cover it. The Power of Play, it’s not just a name; it’s a whole vibe, and I live for it!

Flashback to December 2023, Reza and I went to Tanzania to build the biggest playground TPOP has ever built! We crafted over 20 elements for 1,000 Maasai children in a village near Makayuni. I’m telling you, it was total heaven! Nature, field work, playing football with local volunteers, and sunset games with the kids each day. It was a beautiful adventure. The playground’s grand opening was a pure roller coaster of emotions. Excitement and pride, but also, a bittersweet note knowing tomorrow meant saying goodbye to those playful angels.
Fast forward to now, the journey keeps getting better. We’re teaming up with Emily Carr University on a project for kids’ mental health — creating an interactive object! TPOP isn’t just about play; it’s a world of experiences. To all you potential donors and volunteers, this is not just a pitch, it’s my life-changing adventure, and I’m throwing an open invitation for you to join the ride! Trust me, there’s nowhere else you’d want to be. Let’s keep the TPOP magic rolling!

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