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Podcast with Spencer Lodge & CEO Reza Marvasti

Podcast with Spencer Lodge & CEO Reza Marvasti Searching for the meaning of life? This NGO may have found an answer.
Feeling like being inspired today? PODCAST ALERT 🚨 A Must listen!
Thank you Spencer Lodge for hosting our CEO Reza Marvasti on his insightful podcast to share insight as to how The Power of Play started, what we do, and the man himself who was inspired to start this journey to “Let kids be kids” ♥️
Reza Marvasti is the Founder & CEO of The Power of Play- an NGO that builds sustainable playgrounds for children in underprivileged communities.
Reza is a former professional extreme athlete who, after a life-changing event, went on a journey of self-discovery…
This led him to discover his life’s purpose of creating safe spaces for children who have experienced extreme hardship. 
By doing this, kids rediscover childhood, process trauma, and make sense of the world through creativity and play.
In Spencer’s latest episode on the podcast, Reza and Spencer talk about:
– His difficult childhood
– How The Power of Play operates and builds playgrounds
– Finding the meaning of life
Spencer and his team came to Rwanda last month to help us build a playground. The time spent and getting to know Spencer was nothing short of wonderful. Huge THANK YOU to him and his team for supporting us on our mission to support every child’s right to learn and develop through the power of play. ♥️
Reza’s story and foundation is truly inspirational and I know his story will change your outlook on life. 🙏
Watch the video interview or listen to the full podcast here on your chosen platform.

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