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Becoming an Adult

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I was jumping from one thing to another when it comes to school and jobs, but I was never fulfilled. I started something, became proficient at it, and then switched. I just couldn’t find that one thing that would make me feel truly alive. I’ve always been drawn to adventure and adrenaline sports, so I became an adrenaline junkie…” 

At the age of 19, Reza relocated to Canada. He had already spent a year studying electronics at a university in Iran. However, upon arriving in Vancouver, he veered away from that path. He dabbled in business management for a while, then shifted to industrial design, automotive technology, and later construction management. Despite his pursuits, he couldn’t discover the school or job that would bring him genuine fulfillment.

Concern began to cloud Reza’s family’s minds. They suggested he choose one path and commit to it for a longer period of time. Reza attempted to heed their advice, immersing himself in one pursuit, becoming proficient, but still feeling that it wasn’t the “thing” for him. And so, the search persisted, with years passing by and various professions being explored.

As time went on, Reza’s worries grew. He felt as though he was squandering valuable time, constantly shifting between different jobs and educational paths without making any substantial progress. Turning 30 only amplified his concerns, as he remained uncertain about a long-term career. And then, he passed 30, feeling disenchanted with his life.

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In an attempt to find solace and excitement amidst his dissatisfaction with his professional life, Reza sought thrills through adventurous sports. Ice climbing, snowmobiling, speed flying (a blend of paragliding and base jumping)—he embraced them all. However, these adrenaline-fueled endeavors were not without their dangers. Reza had several near-death experiences during his pursuits, with one incident involving his friend Kyle, a speed-flying icon of that time. Reza borrowed a wing from Kyle for a jump near the city of Hope, only to encounter a malfunction that caused him to plummet from the sky. Though battered, bruised, and scraped by trees, he miraculously survived. Tragically, Kyle attempted a similar jump two days later but did not make it. A week after the accident, Kyle’s daughter came into the world.


This harrowing experience served as a profound wake-up call for Reza. It compelled him to reflect on the countless opportunities life had presented him. There had to be a greater purpose, a deeper meaning. He realized that he had been squandering his life, lacking a sense of purpose. In search of clarity, Reza embarked on a journey to the Amazon forest, seeking solitude and meditation to listen to his inner calling and find his true purpose.

During his travels, Reza found himself passing through La Paz, where he had a transformative revelation. Witnessing children living and working on the streets, he discerned a significant absence in their lives—play. The carefree enjoyment of childhood, the essence that had helped him cope with the war experiences in Iran, was missing from their existence.

At that moment, Reza’s purpose became clear. He recognized that he had a role to play in restoring joy and playfulness to the lives of these children. Inspired by his own resilience and the healing power of play, he knew it was his calling to make a difference. The journey to adulthood had brought him to this pivotal realization, and he was ready to embark on a new chapter dedicated to serving those in need.

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