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Becoming an adult

“I was jumping from one thing to another when it comes to school and jobs but I was never fulfilled. I started something, got good at it, and then switched. I just could not find the thing which would make me feel alive. I was always into adventure and adrenaline sports, so I became an adrenaline junkie…” 

Reza moved to Canada when he turned 19. He had already been studying electronics for one year at a university in Iran by that time. However, he did not continue this path in Vancouver. He tried business management for a while, then switched to industrial design, automotive technology, and later construction management. He could not find the school or job which would fulfill him. 

Reza’s family was getting worried about him. They suggested he chose one thing and stuck with it for longer. So Reza tried one thing for a while, became good at it, but did not feel like that was the “thing”, left it, and kept searching. This continued for many years and many professions

On the other hand, he was getting worried that he is wasting so much time trying all these different jobs and schools and not really getting anywhere. He was getting 30 and still did not know what profession he wanted to do long-term. Then he passed 30 and still felt meh about his life.

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The less good he felt about his career life the more he sought excitement through thrilling sports. Ice climbing, snowmobiling, speed flying (which is something between paragliding and base jumping), backcountry skiing, you name it. Through all these adventure sports had few near-death experiences thanks to that. His friend Kyle, a speed-flying icon of that time, introduced him to this sport. One day Reza jumped close to the city of Hope with a wing borrowed from Kyle. The wing did not fully open due to a malfunction and Reza fell from the sky. Not like an “angel but more like a poop”. Reza tumbled, got beaten up, and scratched by the trees but luckily survived. His friend Kyle did a similar jump two days later but unfortunately did not survive. About a week later, Kyle’s daughter was born.


This was a massive wake-up call for Reza. He started pondering how come life is giving him so many opportunities. There had to be a bigger purpose. He realized that he is not doing anything with his life. That he does not have any purpose. He decided to go to amazon forest to meditate deep in the amazon forest to be away from everyone, so he can hear his calling and maybe find his true purpose. During his next travels, he passed through La Paz, he found out his path. He saw the children living and working on the street and he realized that something very important was missing in their lives. It was playing like kids, being carefree, and enjoying life fully. The same thing which helped little Reza to deal with war experiences in Iran. 

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