Safari on 2 wheels

Reza Marvasti

We didn’t plan to hang with wild elephants. We have been going deep into bush at least once a week for some Mother Nature time, and this week we decided to get to Nile river, about 100km south of where we live. We left home on Boda before sunset, such a chilly ride. 3 hours and 20 stops for warming up later we got to the river, but we were stopped by the army from accessing river because of security reasons! We were told if we road a bit farther, there is a park that we might be able to access from there, so we did.

We had to negotiate a bit at the gate until the park ranger let us in without pervious arrangement, no guide, and no truck. He said we should ride straight to the safari lodge which was 20km into the national park. As we enter and looked at the name of the park on the sign, we recognize the name! This is the park that we were told has the most variety and abundance of wild life. Sohnia asked me, do you think it’s ok we ride our 100cc crappy motorcycle into a national park in Africa that is full of lions, elephants, hippos, and other crazy animals? I said yeah! As we start riding through the rough road we saw many trees that were recently broken down by elephants, saw a few antelopes and other animals and birds, and a few kilometres later, we got a flat tire!

I was trying to keep it together while I was pushing the bike in mid day heat in middle of the safari zone, and Sohnia was in a battle with all those tse-tse flies that were biting us left and right. After couple of kilometres of that fun we got lucky to see a truck passing by. We left the Boda and got a ride out of the park. I bought a tire and tube from the closest village, and asked the guy to come with me to help me change the tire. After we got the bike ready for road again we pinned it to the lodge.

What a beautiful lodge, with a swimming pool just above Nile river. From there we didn’t had to go far to see tons of animals. We chilled less than 100 feet away of huge herd hippopotamus, right beside them we saw bunch of elephants. There was about 12 of them and Sohnia start just walking to them! To her spirit animal! A bit too close! Elephants kill the most people in Africa just after hippos.

Hippos herd
Wild elephants

From there we saw bunch of monkeys, baboons, more antelopes, boars, exotic birds…

on the way back we decided to choose longer road to see more animals. Right away we saw ourselves surrounded by a herd of giraffes. Sohnia said, I saw a video that a giraffes attacking a car! I said don’t worry we have a bike not a car 😉 As i started riding closer to them, they start looking a bit pissy! So I did a quick U/-turn and pinned it. What a day!Now plan is to go back there once a week, and hope to not get flat again.

As for playground process, we were able to sort all the material, even timbers for post. It’s not like back home that we can put an order and delivery through Home Depot. We had to go through bunch of people until we got connect to a person that knew of the old man in a forest. We rode to the forest and found couple of eucalyptus that looked good for fort’s post. Next step from there was to find the old man to get the permission and negotiate price for the trees.

Now we are waiting for the metal elements of the playground to be welded and once that’s done we will ship to the the camp and start fabricating, installing, and painting.

Home Depot
baby giraffe
Monkey bar almost ready

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