Rang Maidan

Reza Marvasti

Rang Maidan

Rang Maidan is the Hindi name for our project.It means “Colourful Spaces”. As some of you know, we are currently in India, where we are partnered with an Australian NGO called Playground Ideas, and an Indian design studio called Gudgudee to build 50 playgrounds across the country over the next year. This project is focusing on building playgrounds made mostly from used tires, in low income government schools. Our team is great – from Australia, America, and India, we are a well-rounded and diverse bunch. Currently, 2 of the 50 playgrounds have been completed. At the last school in Sehore, Maharashtra we found that discipline is a huge part of the schooling here. After hearing about this, we both felt how much these children would benefit from having a space where they can just be kids. They definitely need to play!

mini maze for mini humans
Tire Playground
India itself is, well, India! It’s the place that travelers around the world seek out on their journey – whether it be to find inner peace, enjoy amazing food, learn yoga, or just see some really (really) unbelievable things. Broaden your horizons! If you’ve never traveled before, or perhaps even if you have, India will not fail to surprise you. There is an undeniable magic in the air here. Sacred cows roam the streets freely, knowing they cannot be harmed. Tuktuk drivers race about, narrowly missing one another without even blinking an eye. The occasional Sadhu walks barefoot – often covered in ash with a painted face. This is India! And we are so happy to be here. 
Indian Slums
Train Rides

The state where we are currently residing, Uttar Pradesh, is the most populous province in all of India. It currently boasts a population of a whopping 223,897,418 people. Uttar Pradesh’s population is over 6x that of Canada, while its land mass is 41x smaller. It’s a bit crowded, to say the least.

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