Mornings in Ugandan village

Reza Marvasti

I can’t get over how much I love my mornings these days in this Ugandan village!

It starts with waking up to the neighbour’s rooster. He doesn’t crow just once, it goes on and on until the entire hood is up. First is hugging the children in the orphanage and brushing teeth all together in the yard. At first I was surprised to see that the kids love brushing their teeth, but after asking the owner of the orphanage, I found out why! They like toothpaste so much that they used to eat it as a candy. Once kids start eating, Moo and I walk to the only place in village that sells food to get the only thing they have one their menu, Rolex, eggs rolled in chapati (local bread) for 40 cents. Even if I had other options I would still eat that everyday. Then, we have a 30 minute walk to the road where we can get a bus or boda-boda (motorcycle) to town. In this half hour walk we get to see monkeys, goats, eagles, butterflies and some dinosaur-sized birds, but best of all, are all those people we get to see along the way. They all wave and say hello or laugh and call us Muzungu (white man) I never thought one day my hairy brown face would be considered a white man!

Kids in Orphanage

Everyone is up from early morning here, thanks to the roosters! That includes kids; they are usually on water duty. Hauling 20L jugs of water with big SMILES on their faces. When they see us, they usually put their jugs down and wave. Sometimes when we give them candies, they curtsy! If they have a little friend close by that didn’t get candy, they will run, get him/her and run back with them to us, so they can get a candy too. Just like how we care about sharing in western countries!!

There is so much peace and harmony in their simplicity. Oh and safety is 3rd here, just the way I like it!

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