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30 days. Your adventure. One great cause.

For the month of August raise funds to let kids be kids through 30 Days of Adventure & Play!

We have a fundraising goal $50,000 “Let Kids Be Kids Through The Power Of Play” with your help, we can impact thousands of children worldwide.

Do you love to adventure and play? Well, we have a challenge for you!

We at The Power of Play love nothing more than to see people enjoying the most simple gift of play. For the month of August, collect pledges from your friends and family to support you in a 30 day challenge doing outdoor activities you love. You will support The Power of Play as we raise funds to build innovative, sensory, and sustainable playgrounds around the world, and right here in British Columbia!

What is a daily activity? Do you love to hike, bike, walk, run or climb? How about play?

From August 1st to August 31st, take on more play in your life with a daily challenge that will help build playgrounds for kids in need of spaces to play. Raise pledges towards your daily activities to improve your fitness, get outside more, and make an impact on future generations! Invite everyone you know to pledge $1+ for every KM you achieve! Be one of our top challengers, and win great prizes!

Why? The Power of Play builds sustainable playgrounds all around the world for children 2 to 14 years old where play infrastructure is missing. Play is not only vital in childhood development, but it is a right as declared in Article 31 of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our projects focus on children living in conditions that have stripped away this right and we are committed to bringing joy and happiness back into their lives. Approximately 50% of our playgrounds are built from recycled material, and all projects count on rich collaboration with local communities for volunteering and funding.

What playgrounds are we currently building?

A playground for love in a Lytton First Nation Community!

The Power of Play partnered with the Lytton First Nation in 2020 to fulfill the vision of building a playground to facilitate and provide space to play for the children in Westside, Lytton, and surrounding communities. Due to the global COVID 19 pandemic in 2020, followed by a devastating wildfire in 2021, the discovery of unmarked graves at residential schools, plus landslides and floods in rapid succession, the project planning and fundraising were postponed until all parties were able to reconvene. Now, the playground will be built in the summer of 2022.

A sensory, innovative playground in Sivaraja Deaf and blind school in Nattandiya, Sri Lanka!

This playground will be built for 94 children in the Sivaraja Deaf and Blind school in Nattandiya, Sri Lanka, and hundreds of more children in the surrounding area. Funds are still needed to complete the project. $15,000 has been raised to date, but $10,000 is still needed. The Power of Play partnered with the students of Emily Carr Design University in Canada and GDUT University in China to collaboratively design an innovative, sensory, and sustainable playground in this small northwestern town.

On the horizon in later 2022, we will be building more playgrounds around the world – with the hopes of breaking ground in Zambia and Tanzania. Bringing sustainability, community collaboration, and empowerment, these playgrounds will impact thousands of children in marginalized communities.

There are two ways to collect a pledge!

Our ‘30 Days of Adventure & Play’ will be based on how many KM you can record in one month. For each KM, collect pledges from family and friends. It’s easy to do! Create your profile, set your monthly KM goal, and then share it with your family and friends. EASY! Clock your KM in your profile! (If you have the Strava app, you are able to link it to your account and it keeps track of your KM for you!)

1.) Flat Pledge: Your friends and family can sponsor you as a participant for a fixed amount of their choice. For example: If they donate $20, they will owe $20 regardless of the number of KM you accomplish.

2.) Pledge per KM: Your friends or family can pledge an amount per KM. For example: If your goal is to do 32Km in the 30 days, your friends or family pledge $5 per KM, and you hike/walk/run/bike 4 km 8 times in the month (32KM), they owe $160. 

Be sure to specify how many Kilometers you anticipate achieving so they can confidently make your pledge.

At the power of play, we let kids be kids. With your help, we can make a global impact.

How does this work?

  • Create a profile by clicking the below button – let your friends and family know why you are participating and set your personal activity goal!
  • Set a goal of how many kilometers you would like to accomplish in the month of August!
  • Send your personal URL profile link to friends and family, and ask your friends and family to pledge you the dollar amount of their choice per kilometer or a flat donation pledge – all this can be done through your personal URL profile link!
  • Posting on your social media is a great way to spread the word too! Show us your progress in action and tag us!
  • Get outside, climb, hike, bike, walk, run, play!
  • Track your kilometers on your profile (If you use the Strava App, connect it and let it do the work for you!)
  • Give yourself a pat on the back for being an awesome human, for yourself and helping build playgrounds worldwide!

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Now let’s get outside and play!