Apwoyo to Namaste

Reza Marvasti


Now that we are in Nepal, the thing we miss the most about Uganda is the people, and the children especially. In addition to being one of the best experiences, we also learned a lot. Spending time with the people made us realize a few things that we are now working on ourselves.

Be happy with what you have 

Pursue what you want in this life; you are a creator. But always remember to be grateful for all that you have right now. If you’re reading this, chances are you have more than most. Running water, electricity, a bed, food! Focus on the abundance in your life and you will see the beauty in it.

Go with the flow

Nothing ever happens on time in Uganda. But I eventually learned that this lack of punctuality is because people are in the rhythm of life.. and that rhythm doesn’t always follow a schedule. I realized that they’re just going with it, flowing with life. And they’re the happiest people I’ve ever seen.

Dance, a lot. It’s good for your soul.

This one explains itself 🙂

We saw and experienced many unforgettable things in Uganda, and the one that has never really been touched on in any of our blogs is the women. The weight of the entire country rests on the shoulders of the Ugandan woman; she does it all with such grace and, of course, a beautiful smile. It is such a common thing for women to be doing the majority of the work, that a few times we had people ask why Reza was carrying any of the grocery bags. I did successfully carry a giant bundle of grass on my head once (see below – I’m the brown one).

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